Episode · 8 months ago

15: Come Together


PurposeCity's 'Come Together' episode was recorded at the Brighton Walk to End Alzheimer's! Chuck Gaidica (broadcasting personality), Jennifer Lepard (President / CEO of Alzheimer's Association Michigan), and Nicole Colley (Development Manager of Brighton Alzheimer's Association) discuss the importance of communities putting their hearts, mind, and time together for a worthy cause.

Partaking in this year's walk was Team Suzy, whose website you can find at https://www.teamsuzy.org/ Part of Team Suzy is our very own advisor, Jimmie Plaskey. Also at this event were EWM's Butch Herzog, Colleen Barnes, Lisa McCormick, and Alissa Earl.

Executive Wealth Management is proud to be an annual sponsor of the Brighton Walk to End Alzheimer's and present Chuck Gaidica as the emcee.

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