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02: Saving and Enhancing Lives in the Community


Discover how lives are literally being saved and enriched by two amazing organizations, Work Skills, and Fund-a-Life. 

Fund a life is an organization that was founded by Mark Howell, a (then) 30-year-old Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer survivor who was once given only weeks to live. Mark's life was "funded" by his community who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars as he and his young family desperately sought out options for survival. Today, Mark leads this organization dedicated to "funding lives" through all kinds of major life-altering circumstances. 

WSC, headquartered in Brighton, MI, has provided services focused on helping individuals identify, secure, and retain employment for more than four decades. WSC exists to serve people with disabilities and other employment barriers by offering progressive educational and vocational development opportunities based on a person-centered approach. Corporately, WSC focuses on an individual’s abilities rather than his or her disabilities. 

Purposecity is presented by Executive Wealth Management and exemplifies our core values of trust, community, and compassion. www.ewmadvisors.com  

Host: Host Ken McMullen 

Co-Host: Mike Lay, Executive Wealth Management 

Guest: Mark Howell, Fund-a-Life 

Guest: Julie Smith. Work Skills



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